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The predecessor of our company began the recycling of organic waste from gardens and agricultural activities through composting in 1999.

Compostal Kft. is dedicated to protecting and raising awareness of environmental values. The saying “trash is treasure” is especially true for selectively collected and properly processed waste. According to Act XLIII of 2000 on waste management, the amount of biodegradable materials to enter landfills is to be reduced to 50% of 1995 levels by 1 July 2009, and to 35% by 1 July 2016.

The separation of biodegradable organic waste is not only a legal question, but also an important technical and economic question, as this type of waste is far easier and cheaper to convert to usable, valuable material (compost) than normal waste.

Composting is mostly the result of aerobic biochemical processes, where the enzyme systems of microorganisms decompose organic matter. The bacteria and fungi taking part in the composting process rely on the decomposition of organic matter for the nutrients necessary to support themselves and reproduce. This makes it necessary to provide the optimal environment for proper composting to occur, which can be attained by the proper selection of applied technologies.

picture of composting

The core competency of Compostal Kft (Compostal organic waste management trading and service company) is the reuse of biodegradable organic waste through composting, the development and distribution of composting machines and systems, as well as the design of composting facilities.

In 2004, the company created a 9800 metric ton capacity micro-regional composting facility in Tárnok, Hungary, where a canvas covered, aerated composting system is run professionally according to EU and national regulations, producing excellent quality compost.

The facility is a reference project, where the aerating and management system developed by us is on display, along with a special, patent registered, semipermeable cover canvas material, that, together, help create the ideal circumstances for composting. Thanks to this covered, aerated technology, the composting processes are sped up, odor emission is reduced, and hygienic conditions are optimal. The machines and systems produced and distributed by our company can be effectively used in all composting facilities, both in creating new facilities and in refurbishing or expanding already existing facilities.

Thanks to over ten years of research and development since 2000, COMPOSTAL systems have proven to be exceptionally effective.

The aerating and controlling technologies used in Tárnok are now successfully applied at 24 facilities by just as many settlements, with the company’s screening machines, canvas-spoolers and other instruments found at many national composting facilities.

Compostal® cover

These covered, aerated, computer controlled systems that facilitate proper processing of organic waste can be used in a wide array of applications, including green waste, animal waste and other agricultural refuse, and even sewage-sludge.

Following the installation of our systems, we provide all-round support services to facilities using our technologies, which includes maintenance and the supplying of spare parts.

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